About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 1999, A M Builders Ltd. is based in Barbados W.I.

Avery Marcus, the sole owner and CEO of A M Builders Ltd., has been in the construction trade since 1986. He has been self-employed since starting A M Builders Ltd. in 1999.

The company provides a wide range of construction services, from steel bending, block laying, plastering, tiling, brickwork, painting, carpentry and all types of concrete work. The company diversified by moving largely into pavers work from 2003, but the full range of construction services is readily available and frequently requested.

We pursue the use of materials of the highest quality and standards in the construction industry in order to provide continuing, high quality craftsmanship. We have built an excellent reputation in the provision of the timely delivery of high quality finished projects.

Key Objectives

  • To provide high quality, affordable and well managed projects that meet the needs and aspirations of current and future clients;
  • To deliver timely, value for money services that meet the company's high quality standards in construction;
  • In partnership with leading companies in the construction industry, to remain at the forefront in the technological development of construction materials in order to maintain first class standards in craftsmanship.